Short and sweet 

And the imagination never stops !!!!!


A book I will never write 

We read books, we read quotes we read a lot . Some of us do it just as hobby and many of us in search of inspiration. We get indulged so, deeply in those fictional things that we start relating ourselves, ourlives with them and when we see that our lives and we are not going on the same track as those fictional things we get depressed. We think that our life is falling apart. 

It’s good to be inspired by something. But it’s better to create something of your own . Live your own life that no one knows about and they do not need to know. Create wonderful moments and those would be all yours never seen before never heard before and you would cherish them forever . 

The book I will never write would be the book about my life . It would contain the best story , the best characters and the most inspiring lessons and the best part about that book would be that it would be just for me . No, one would ever be able to judge me for that.

So,I hope that for every one there would be a book that you will never write and trust me it would be the best book ever . 🙂

In the End 

So,today one more year is coming to it’s end.The last day of 2016. Everyone is busy with their new-year celebrations.

For some if us the year was one of the best and for some of us it’s been the worst. This year we would have seen the days of joy , days of failure the days when we thought we don’t want to live more and the days when we thought life cannot be better than this.As it is said time flies so, here we are approaching towards the end of an emotional journey and preparing ourselves for the next.

What I mean to say that in the end it doesn’t even matter.Because in the end we keep everything aside and try to say a happy goodbye.The same is with the life, when we are towards the end of life none of the grudges matter , none of the fights or the heart breaks we have been through matter we just give it a good end.But I wonder why don’t we do it on the daily basis.If we are hurt for a moment it doesn’t mean that we have to remain hurt forever. We all know in the end none of the grudges are going to matter so,why don’t we end them in the starting .

In the end what I would like to add is “Why to wait for the end,forgive,forget and love then every day would be like newyear’s eve.


I still remember when in our childhood the toys use to get broken how much we use to cry and the things haven’t changed a bit till now . We still cry but the difference is that now we ourselves are broken and it is very difficult to fix our broken selves . When we get our things broken in childhood we use to create such a tantrum that everyone get to know about it . Because we know that they are going to fix it . But now we hide our broken selves by that broken smile because we know that this time no one is going to fix us then ourselves . We have grown so much that we manage to hide our pair . But I swear this hiding game is so strong that after sometime we try to hide ourselves also . 

Isn’t it so normal to show our pain , to show our anger , to show that we are broken then why don’t we show them . 

I will tell you why ! 

When we were younger everyone use to tell us to be strong, not to cry over small things , not to react because when you will grow up you would face much harder situations. And it is true as we grow up we face much tougher situations. But till this time we have learnt to hide our emotions. We are breaking down inside but for the world we have to show them we are strong. But why, why not to let everyone know about the battle you are fighting inside , why not to let the world know that you are broken and you need to be fixed.

Can’t we be that child again who don’t know how to hide emotions. Can’t we let all our pain out and give it a new start. 

Insecurities …

Have you seen a real monster in your life ?    

You must be thinking I have gone mad . No, but seriously I have seen a monster in real life. A monster called “Insecurity”. Insecurity a monster that have killed many relations. So, from where does this insecurity come from . Well , the thing is we ourselves are responsible for it . 

“A small drop of water makes the whole ocean”

Usually this phrase is used in positive sence but here I am using it to put a negative  point . It doesnot take time for a small insecurity to turn into a bigone and then eat up a relationship . We get insecure about our looks , we get insecure about our loved one’s . What we actually fear is that someone will steal our looks and would look better than us . We get insecure that our loved one’s will start living someone else , that we would loose our importance in their lives . Sometimes these insecurities get so high that they end up in destroying the relation . 

I don’t know why we are so insecure about the things so much when we know that the thing which is planned to happen would happen for shure . We don’t have the power to decide what will stay and what will go , where our destiny would lead us . No one can be you , everyone is different so , rather than being insecure about that someone will be you , try to be a better version of yourself . Rather than being insecure about your loved one’s try to improve your relationship with them . I know we are human beings and it’s a very basic human nature , but still we can try . As there is always a scope for improvement so, improve yourself and trust me no one can do it better than you.  🙂 

Let It go ! 

“Take a deep breath and let it go. ” 

As easy to say the above quote, is it as easy to do ? 

No I don’t think so. How can we let go off the thing which at a time was the center of your world . Yes a lot of people say as time changes we should let go off the things. But we humans have a common behaviour of holding on to the things . And why not to hold them on,those were the things which made you laugh once and now when they make you cry you decide to let them go as if they don’t mean a bit to you . It doesn’t mean that we can force something to stay but we can’t even cut ourselves from everything . And even if we decide to let it go or even if we let it go still you won’t forget it from the bottom of your heart . Still you would find yourself thinking about it . You would find yourself stucked in those memories , cherishing some of the moments . 

Everyone says life doesn’t stop for anything but we do , we stop for things , create memories hold on the things . And this is what we have in our life , this is what we have collected . somethings leave good memories , somethings leave bad memories so what , they are the biggest lessons of our life . 

So, don’t let it go , hold on it you would definitely earn something . 🙂


A word which shows our real life condition. In today’s world where nothing is certain all we can say is that maybe the thing will happen maybe it will not , their is always an uncertainty but we still go on. Whatever is planned to happen would definitely happen but the thing is we don’t have any idea about it before so , here come the uncertainty. We never know where god will take us maybe we get what we wish to get . Maybe the thing which we thought wouldn’t last would last forever . Maybe all our wishes come true maybe they not come true . Maybe all our plan’s will fail maybe they would succeed . Maybe we have to travel the road alone , maybe we get a partner . 

There’s a possibility in everything. Everything that happens happens for good . Sometimes it may not seem good to us but they had hidden benefits which come infront of us later . “Maybe” god has hidden plans for us that can change our life . So, for all those who are having a bad time maybe a good time is waiting for you ahead . For all those who are going through an emotional breakdown maybe it is to make you more strong . For all those having a good time maybe you would have a much better time coming ahead . It may seem to you that I am taking only the positive aspect and not talking about the negative aspects. I am doing this because I think this is what one should do to search positivity in everything whether it seems negative but there would always be the positive side . 

So , stay positive maybe you could conquer the whole world 🙂